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Policy plan 2023 - 2027

Want to know more about our mission, vision and strategy for the coming years? Read our strategy document for 2023-2027!

  • University Fund Wageningen Strategy 2023-2027

Annual Report

  • Annual Report University Fund Wageningen 2022
  • Annual Report UFW 2021
  • Annual Report UFW 2020
  • Annual Report UFW 2019

For the prior versions of the annual reports and financial statements, please refer to our Dutch website.


The board of University Fund Wageningen (UFW), legally a continuation of Wageningen University Fund (WUF), consists of the following unrenumerated members:

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Additional functions:

  • Non-executive Board & Chariman Audit Committee Calysta Inc.
  • Chairman of Strategic Advisory Board of Strike Two, The New Fork (blockchain)
  • Member of Board of Breadfruit House Foundations, Breadfruit House Foundation Dominica
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Additional functions:

  • Advisory Board Startlife
  • Advisory Board Shift Invest
  • Member Innovation Advisory Committee Witteveen+Bos
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Additional functions:

  • Professor of Animal Nutrition, Wageningen University & Research
  • Professor of Nutrition, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Utrecht University
  • Chairman, International Advisory Board GMP+
  • Advisory Board, Scholtus Special Products
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Additional functions:

  • Vice-voorzitter Raad van Toezicht Salem wonen met zorg
  • Lid Maatschappelijke Raad Gevangenenzorg Nederland
  • Lid Deputaatschap Kerk en Overheid gereformeerde Gemeenten
  • Voorzitter externe klachtencommissie Prisma
  • Lid van de Raad van Beheervoor het Kroondomein
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The members of the board are volunteers and do not receive renumeration.

Public Benefit Organisation

Fiscal/ANBI number:

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University Fund Wageningen is a registered Public Benefit Organisation in the Netherlands (ANBI). Gifts to the fund are often tax-deductible, including gifts from abroad. Please check the fiscal laws of your country of residence for details on the tax deductibility of your gift. Donors based in the USA can give in a tax-efficient way through the American friends of Wageningen University at the King Baudouin Foundation United States (KBFUS). We have also been granted a Equivalency Determination (ED) Certificate through NGO Source. The ED Certificate states that we are certified as equivalent to a U.S. public charity under the IRS' ED standards.For larger gifts, such as a periodic donation or an inheritance with a minimum of €50,000, several options are possible, including the establishment of a Named Fund. Donations to the University Fund Wageningen allow for a contribution to talent development, research and entrepreneurship.

Do you need advice on your donation or would you like to know more? Please contact us at ufw@wur.nl.

Privacy, code of conduct and complaints procedure

Privacy and Cookie statement

For our Privacy & Cookie statement, we refer you to the .

Code of Conduct

The Wageningen University Fund follows the code of conduct of Wageningen University & Research (WUR).

The WUR code of conduct is shaped by a WUR-wide framework of house rules and rules of conduct with regard to integrity, privacy and manners, and applies to all WUR employees and students. This describes how we deal with each other and with the outside world. WUR also has regulations that provide for complaints procedures in the event of abuse, such as the Whistle-blower Policy and the Complaints Procedure Undesirable Behaviour, and has a system in place to provide assistance and guidance in tackling undesirable behaviour. In addition, WUR has drawn up an Anti-corruption Code for personnel involved in international projects. The framework of various codes and rules can be consulted on the WUR Integrity and Privacy page.

WUR together with all other Dutch universities, united in the VSNU, has drawn up a statement on social safety at the Dutch universities, which was published in April 2019.

The UFW employees are employed by WUR. In accordance with other WUR employees, they have signed in their letter of appointment to, among other things, comply with the Integrity Code Wageningen University & Research and to mention their ancillary activities in line with the Regulations Ancillary Activities Wageningen University & Research.

Complaints procedure

The complaints procedure applies to alumni, donors, potential donors and applicants for scholarships and grants. This policy does not cover complaints from staff, who should refer to UFW’s internal policy on such matters. Complaints are treated confidentially. All information will be handled sensitively, shared only with those who need to know and following any relevant data protection requirements.

The University Fund Wageningen (UFW) attaches great importance to the correct handling of complaints: after all, maintaining a good relationship with alumni, donors and other stakeholders is essential for the fund. Collaborating with our alumni and philanthropic partners is at the heart of UFW's work. UFW views complaints as a chance to put things right for the person or organisation that has made the complaint, and to make sure that, wherever possible, relationships are repaired. Complaints are considered a valuable source of information about the functioning of the UFW, based on which we can improve our working methods and processes. Also, comments, useful tips on how we can do our work better or wishes are noted. This gives us more insight into what is important for our alumni and donors and what we can work on as an organization to prevent complaints.

Definition of a complaint

A complaint is any expression of dissatisfaction about any aspect of UFW, encompassing UFW in general or any UFW service, product or employee.

Submit a complaint

Complaints can be submitted to the UFW in the following ways:

  • in person
  • by phone: +31 (0)317 484054
  • by email: ufw@wur.nl
  • via the contact form
  • in writing: PO Box 9101, 6700 HB Wageningen

Answering a complaint

Complaints submitted in person or by telephone will be handled immediately as much as possible. If an investigation has to take place in order to resolve the complaint, an appropriate timeline will be agreed upon during the initial contact.

Written complaints, received via the contact form, e-mail or post, will be handled as soon as possible, but in any case within five working days, by telephone or in writing. If handling takes more time, an acknowledgement of the complaint will first be sent to the person who reported the complaint to UFW. This acknowledgement will say who is dealing with the complaint and when the person complaining can expect a reply.

UFW is active on social media and monitors reactions on these channels. We will respond to this as soon as possible. If more investigation is needed, this will be indicated, and we will inform the complainant when to expect a reply.


A complaints logbook is used the register all complaints received, so that it is visible on which subjects complaints have been received. Based on the logbook, a report is submitted to the board at least once a year. Based on this, the board can adjust the policy to prevent complaints about the same subject in the future. The management report, which is published annually together with the annual accounts, states how many complaints have been received, the nature of the complaints, how they were handled, and if they were resolved satisfactorily.

Bank details

IBAN code: NL57ABNA0539314005attn. University Fund WageningenBIC/Swift code: ABNANL2aChambers of Commerce: 41047850Fiscal number: 0054.52.119

Postal address and administration

P.O. Box 9101Courier number 1926700 HB WageningenThe Netherlands

T: +31 317- 48.40.54E:ufw@wur.nl

About University Fund Wageningen (2024)
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